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Whether you currently run a blog or are considering starting one for your business, a blog can be an asset to your organization. Whether you are sharing how-tos, insider tips, or lifestyle advice, doing it right can lead to repeat business, an increase in followers, notoriety, and influence in the field. But doing it right takes time. Do you have the time to write, edit, illustrate, and post blogs regularly while simultaneously running your business or organization? If not, let me help you.


Maybe one of the most commonly underutilized aspects of a business's web presence is the power of the newsletter. Newsletters can drive sales, allow you to connect with your customers, can improve social media following, increase traffic to your website, and many other overlooked benefits. But creating a newsletter that isn't ignored by your customers already overstuffed inboxes requires creativity, know-how, and persistence. If you are interested in starting a newsletter, let's work together to make one that not only works to drive business, but meets the needs of your customers. 

Research & fact checking

We live in an ever growing call-out culture. Where everyone can verify anything you say with the tap of a Google search. And trust me, you do not want to be on the receiving end of customer backlash because you forgot to fact check your latest blog post or thought you could skip that second read through of your website's copy. Accidentally publishing incorrect information can not only be dangerous-- depending on your line of work, but it can lose you customers. If you unknowingly (or knowingly) mislead people, they will not trust you. Worse yet, they might spend a free afternoon slandering you all over social media. I know it's the goal of a lot of businesses to go "viral," but this is not the way to do it. Sometimes, a second set of eyes can help you save face.


Long-form is typically any article that exceeds 1,200 words in length. And in an online world saturated with short-form, listicles, and other "glanceable" content, investing in long-form can increase readership. Why? Because writing longer articles allows you to dig into the details, create quality content, educate your readers, and build trust. 


Editorials are opinion pieces that give you the latitude to dive into a topic you are passionate about without being held to traditional editorial standards. Opinion pieces allow you to highlight the voice and mission of your organization while connecting with your readers on a visceral level. Sharing personal content with your readers will help forge a deeper, more meaningful relationship that can help build brand loyalty. 

ghostwriting & Co-Writing

If you are stalling or stumped on a project and could use the assistance of an experienced writer, ghost and co-writing may be an option for you. These services allow me to covertly lend my skills, advice, and expertise to your project while you obtain full or partial credit. I can help you flesh out ideas, articulate your vision, craft portions of or all of your content, and accelerate the completion of any lingering project. 

Custom Projects

Sometimes, your needs can't fit into a tidy little box. If the scope of your project includes several of my offered services or goes outside of what you see here, let's chat. I have an array of skills to assist you with branding, social media management, photography, website development, and more. 


If you are interested in learning my rates for the aforementioned services, please fill out the form below. I will gladly send you a detailed list of my prices. 

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