12 Hugs a Day? Understanding the Power of Touch


Have you ever noticed how a simple hug can make you feel so much better? Whether you are sad, angry, stressed, lonely or just plain old exhausted, a loving touch can help you feel understood, cared for, and less alone.

Living things are filled with energy. We channel the energy of the universe and transform it into thoughts, feelings, and actions. But the amazing and powerful energy of the universe is not only be channeled by us, it can be transferred to us with touch. Much like the way electricity is transferred when we plug something in, we can be the conductor of and conduit for loving, positive energy.

When life gets busy or difficult when we spend too much time socializing and not enough time recuperating when our stress is not being managed, or we are experiencing emotional turmoil, our positive energy can become depleted. But a loving embrace, like a hug, can help restore your supply of vibrant, universal energy.

Here are the top reasons why touch, especially hugs, are so beneficial to our health:

Hugging releases oxytocin

Oxytocin is a “happy” hormone released during a loving connection that brings on the sensations of love, peace, and joy. 

Hugging initiates bonding

Oxytocin is also responsible for forging a bond. When we hug others we nurture relationships, feel love, develop trust, build confidence and feel closeness.

Hugging reduces stress

As mentioned above, hugging releases hormones that make us feel joy, belonging, and other positive emotions. When we fill our beings with positive energy there is less room for negative energy - the release of good hormones (oxytocin) balances out bad hormones (cortisol).

Hugging helps others

We never quite know for sure what kind of personal struggles people are going through and sometimes words just can’t help. Giving someone a genuine hug can help them feel less alone, cared for, and give them the energy to keep going. Touch is truly a powerful antidote.

Hugging is Good for your health

We all crave physical touch no matter what our age. In fact, touch is so important to our health that small children who are neglected physically are more likely to develop long-term health problems, have a lower IQ, and have lower self-esteem. Some hospitals even use touch therapy to treat chronically ill patients.

We live in a busy world; a world full of stress, negativity, and chronic illness. However, there is an enormous amount of beautiful, positive energy we can tap into any time we want. Hugging not only benefits our own mind, body, and spirit but also that of the person we hug. Hugs not only show the people close to us that we care about them, they are therapeutic as well. It is recommended that we as humans need four hugs a day for survival, 8 hugs a day for maintenance of health and up to 12 hugs a day for spiritual growth – so open your arms and get hugging.

Amy Sutherland