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If you are looking for someone with experience, passion, and the skills to help you capture the essence of your mission, consider working with me.


Hey there, my name is Amy! I am a Saint Paul based freelance writer. Although I enjoy creating content on a wide-range of topics, my areas of expertise are health and wellness. More particularly, women’s reproductive health and teen sexual health. But, as with most issues, these are not one-dimensional topics, so, I often find myself writing about lifestyle, culture, and politics as well. 

Over the years, I have developed and perfected the skills that allow me to think critically about complex topics, curate relatable content, and clearly articulate and synthesize ideas. I am excited to learn everything I possibly can about your mission so I can help you achieve your vision. Let’s chat!




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  • 9+ years of experience writing health and wellness articles, papers, blogs, and newsletters

  • Graduate-level certificate in Holistic Health Studies from St Catherine University, 2013

  • Master of Arts in Women's Health from the University of Minnesota, 2017